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U.S. Immigration: Incredible EB-5 Opportunity in Austin TX

In 2014, Forbes Magazine ranked Austin, Texas America's fastest growing city and Austin has one of the lowest unemployment rates among the nation's largest metropolitan areas. 

The Investor Permanent Resident "Green Card" Program (EB-5 Immigrant Visa) in the United States is a great opportunity for investors to get established in the American economy and lifestyle.

Depending on the location of the investment, there is either a USD $1,000,000 or USD $500,000 capital investment requirement. Current processing times are 14 months, plus an additional 4 months for consular interview.

  • There is no English language requirement
  • No age restriction
  • No minimum education requirement 
  • No management or business experience required
  • Net worth requirement of USD $1,000,000 (excluding primary residence) or high annual income
  • Investment capital can originate from gift, loan, property sale, business income or any lawful source
  • May apply for US Citizenship after at least 5 years of residency
  • Live, work or retire anywhere in the United States
  • Investor must be able to document the legal source and path of funds for investment amount.
    • All amounts are fully refundable (except application fees) if the applicant is rejected his/her residence visa
  • Each investment must create 10 direct or indirect jobs in the USA
  • Each approved investor, his/her spouse and dependents will obtain conditional US residence visas. After 2 years and upon application showing job creation, the conditions will be removed

Aspen Heights, Texas Growth Fund Regional Center

  • Austin is the Capital of Texas, and the 11th largest city in the USA
  • Austin is the fastest growing city in the USA
    • Population expected to increase by 55.3% from 1.7 million (in 2010) to 2.7 million (in 2030)
  • There is a strong, ongoing demand for residential units 
  • The developer is a nationally renowned multi-family property developer/manager based in Austin.
  • Construction began in December 2014
  • All construction funds are already in place
    • EB5 Financing is not needed to complete the project
  • The developer has already purchased the land and contributed USD 6.5 million of its own cash
  • Investors receive an asset-secured mortgage on the land, building and all assets of the development
  • Following the 5-year investment term, the development will either apply for refinancing, or sell the building. This will allow for investor repayment
  • There is a full refund on investment capital and fees if the application is refused by USCIS
  • 38 investment units will be offered, at USD $500,000 each (plus fees)
  • It is estimated that  461 jobs will be created (which exceeds the required 380 jobs)
  • Investors receive 1% interest per annum (USD $5,000/year)
  • Applicant receives funds back after 5 years

The Texas Growth Fund offers investors a secure and clear path to residency and a future in the United States... Kamali & Partners will help you through the process. The EB-5 Program is up for review by Congress, and there are rumors of a price increase. So now is a great time to pursue this incredible option.

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