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Behind the Scenes Interview with Riot House

Earlier this year, six teams of creative filmmakers, photographers, and story tellers traveled to the Nature Island of Dominica on a creative expedition. They were given a simple assignment: spend a week exploring the island, interacting with the people, experiencing the natural beauty, and report back their experience through a creative project.

This week, Kamali & Partners had the opportunity to ask Riot House filmmakers Damien Bour and Adi Bessac a few questions about their experience in Dominica and they share with us a sneak peak into the culture of the Nature Island.

How did you come across the Dominica Challenge and how did you set out to take part in the project?

It was pure hazard, as I saw a Facebook ad to take part in this challenge, the day before the inscriptions were closed.

The challenge looked nice. Of course, going on a tropical island for free and being challenged creatively are two things that really talked to us, in a cold French January!

So i quickly filled out all the forms to try our luck, and a few weeks later, while I totally forgot about it, we received an email telling us we were selected to go to Dominica. We couldn't believe it until we actually received two plane tickets, and the dream began!


In planning the film challenge, what were your goals?

I wouldn't say our goal was to win this challenge, because we didn't take it as a competition. For us, being part of this expedition was already winning.

We just wanted to be as creative as we could be, and use this challenge to visit the wonderful island of Dominica at the same time. We are pretty happy with the video we edited, and keep great memories of our stay in Dominica, so we could say the challenge is a success for us 🙂


What was your experience traveling to Dominica, from where did you travel and how long did it take?

We travelled from our hometown (Clermont-Ferrand) in France to Paris, then took a flight to St Maarten and another small one to Dominica.

All in all, I thought it would take longer to go to a small and remote island, but I've been to further places such as Eastern Asia or Australia and compared to that it's very easy.


Many of our clients are from diverse cultural backgrounds and from different regions of the world... What can you tell us about the culture of Dominica and the people?

People in Dominica are really easy going and friendly. I didn't have the feeling different culture was really an issue there, but we didn't stay long enough to analyze that deeply either.

But from our experience, people are open minded, even if they live on a small and remote island, they're probably more open minded and welcoming than in most western countries.


How was the food? What was your favourite dish?

We loved the food there. Fresh fruits and vegetables locally grown, catch of the day, not too spicy. We loved trying food we didn't know about, going in small huts and just try their daily meal!


During your time spent in Dominica what surprised you the most?

Before going to Dominica, I had the impression that it was very small, and thought that in one week we would have the time to see everything and maybe get bored.

But I was amazed how much there is to see, and how big the island actually is! We didn't even see a quarter of it, there are plenty of hikes, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, activities...

We will need another few expeditions there for this 😉


What is the number 1 thing you’d share with someone planning to visit or live in Dominica?

The thing we preferred the most is the hike we did one day before our departure, the Boiling Lake.
It is at the same time very challenging and rewarding. Challenging because the hike is hard, you will also probably get soaked.

And rewarding, because our guides were so nice and interesting, and the different views are amazing, with the climax of that hike being the Valley of Desolation and the Boiling Lake. We will never forget this amazing experience.


What project is Riot House currently working on?

We are currently woring on different projetcs, Tourism in France, Rugby Team or Company projects. All very different and challenging in there own ways !

You can check our work and news through our website or Facebook Page.

Kamali & Partners is grateful for the opportunity to talk with the filmmakers about their experiences in Dominica and are excited to share this glimpse of the island with our clients and colleagues who are interested in the Dominica Citizenship by Investment program! Check out this behind the scenes video from the making of 'I Am Dominica'

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